My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game

My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game

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Take care of your Boo and have all kinds of fun with it in My Boo - My Virtual Pet Game.

Have you ever had a dog or a cat? Your Boo is just like one of your pets except it’s even more cute and fun to play around with!

Take really good of your Boo! Feed it with all kinds of delicious treats like tacos and ribs, wash it to keep it clean, give it medication when it’s sick, play with it and put it to sleep when your Boo is tired. You simply have one objective: to keep your Boo extremely happy!

Create your own unique Boo and give it a cool name!

Customize your Boo! The closet will offer you hundreds of ways to change the appearance of your pet creature! Dress it as movie, TV or book character, give it a whole new look, use all kinds of accessories, etc. Simply be creative!

As you level up in your game, you’ll earn many more ways to customize both your Boo and your room!

Add posters to the wall, get awesome looking rugs and redo your walls with beautiful wallpapers. Everything about the room can be adjusted as you see fit!

Play with your Boo! Tickle it, jump on trampolines, jump ropes and never stop having fun with your new pet!

Earn coins by playing the awesome mini games! Boo Mix, Piano Boo, Basket Boo, Matching and Bubble Pop are some of the exciting games you can play! They’re all based on familiar games you know and love but with a clever Boo twist!

My Boo - My Virtual Pet Game is so addictive that it’s hard to put down! Get your own unique Boo and have the time of your life with your new pet!

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